This, our first issue of thebar. speaks to heart of what our publication seeks to do.

In an increasingly busy digital space, where politics, pop culture and everyday living collides, we turn to the stillness of water to create a quiet but always dynamic space where we may celebrate the innovations, successes of those in the film and television industries.

As you may or may not know, thebar. magazine is the newly-formed editorial arm of a celebrated production company, The BarLeader TV and part of The Bar Group. But its purpose is not simply to highlight our own successes or provide a self-congratulatory echo chamber. Instead, learning from the glittering legacy of storytelling in our country, and our recent challenges to celebrate our icons while they are still with us, the soul of  thebar. will always be about excavating and elevating the best of our industries through breakthrough, carefully considered content.

Water is the theme of our first issue, and it is headlined by a woman who embodies the success of the here and now. She is celebrated television and radio personality, and RealTalk on 3 host, Azania Mosaka. Walking her own distinct path, she has, like a river, led us to new seas through her work and impact on and off air and screen. Morphing and changing and adapting to her environment, she has led her audiences to new worlds, and shown all of us just what is possible when you dare to follow the sea to the edge of the horizon. In this issue, we get to know what drives her, what inspires her and what gives her the drive to continue delighting, surprising and shaking up the on-screen experience.

We invite you to enjoy this maiden voyage with us, and begin to look upon thebar. as your own – a space to learn, be inspired, be challenged, and we invite you to challenge us too. Write to us, tweet us, tag us, send us your suggestions. Let’s sail new waters together.