In 1994 when South Africa was finding its feet on the edges of democracy, a young man by the name of Oupa Bopape walked into his own moment of creative freedom. 

Gifted with a camera by his mother as a reward for doing well at school, he parked the recreational use and unleashed the entrepreneur in him by charging subjects R5 an image. He went on to become who we know today as the originator of South African photography that captured the entertainment industry accurately and has aptly coined the nickname “Ouparazzi”.

This industry photographic pioneer plays for the long shot. For 25 years, Ouparazzi has captured milestone moments in the careers of industry greats. Having built a career based on his heightened gift of curiosity, he always saw in others what they didn’t see in themselves.

Ouparazzi is the chief archivist of the industry and rightly so, owns entertainment.