This industry is famed for on-screen actors to develop into behind-the-scenes directors and producers. However, it’s the rare-few who are content with doing that silently and progressively. A rare few, who wanted to be the one producing FRIENDS as opposed to being Jennifer Aniston, off or on-screen.

Rethabile Ramaphakela is best known as the presenter for KTV and the voice of the Vuzu, Miss “Seriously” to be exact. Today, she’s the co-owner of Burnt Onion Productions – a production house which began as a “Why Not?” idea between Ramaphakela and her brother business partner and 10 years later is a bone fide TV and film house.

In an effort to unlock the secrets to one of the brains behind the production company that gave us, My Perfect Family, Thur no Thulani, Kota Life Crisis, Check Coast and many more,  Ramaphakela lends us an hour of her time as an industry practitioner.

During this insightful conversation between The Barleader Group’s CEO, Legend Manqele and Spice Girls fanatic Rethabile Ramaphakela, we are given a rare masterclass on running a profitable production company in an unpredictable local industry climate.